Top 10 tips for you!

1. Always visualize the reality you want.

2. Add as many senses as possible to your vision. Add colors, forms, sounds, smells, temperatures, tastes and touches.

3. Think all thoughts in the present tense - creation works in real-time.

4. Focus on what you want, not on what you want to avoid.

5. Link your fresh thoughts with items of your everyday life. Link them to your favorite song, to a picture on the wall, to the ring tone of your mobile or to whatever is fun for you.

6. Utilize the all-round talent of your mobile. Use automatic reminders to make at least 3 SkyApps-Runs per day. Every repetition boosts the power of your thoughts.

7. Think for the benefit of all.

8. Let your fresh thoughts energize your body as often as you can.

9. Trust in you.

10. Be grateful.

SkyApps - thoughts create reality!