How do SkyApps work?

Accessible on your mobile wherever you go, SkyApps are your mobile coach. It is fairly easy to apply them. All SkyApps consist of 12 high-vibrating thoughts, called mantras.

Mantra: “I accept the problems of everyday life.”

Each mantra is complemented by a small task.

Task: “Every problem offers chances to grow. What are your growth opportunities in the challenges of everyday life?”

To apply SkyApps simply read the text. While reading start to fill the thought with pictures from your daily life. To do so just look around in your life. Maybe your actual problems concern your family, your health, your relationship, your career or something else.

Wherever you have a problem, look at it for a moment. Begin to accept the problem consciously. Acceptance is the first step in changing things. Even try to figure out a way of how to grow from the problem. Every problem offers chances to grow. Maybe growth is in the way how you solve the problem entirely. Maybe growth is in the responsible manner in which you start to handle the problem. There are countless ways to grow from a problem.

The mantra is meant to open new horizons right in front of your eyes. The small task is meant to personalize SkyApps to your private life. Finally, you are requested to enjoy the blissful feeling arising from your fresh thinking. To look at a problem as an opportunity for growth rather than as an obstacle is a powerful and motivating idea. On the physical level this idea results in energy, relaxation and ease.

Request: “Visualize your growth and let this vision energize your body for 1-3 minutes.”

Once you have enjoyed this blissful feeling within your body for 1-3 minutes, move on to the next of the 12 high-vibrating thoughts. This is how you generate new realities step by step.

SkyApps - thoughts create reality!