For whom are SkyApps intended?

Thoughts are extremely sensitive tools. They serve to produce vibrations and physical reactions within the human body. Here is an example. Imagine you are in a kitchen somewhere. On a bench there is a basket of lemons. You reach out and select a ripe yellow lemon. You cut a slice and put it in your mouth. You bite down on it and the juice runs over your tongue. Your mouth fills with the taste of lemon juice.

Most people will find their mouth watering after reading the lemon-eating visualization exercise. Clearly this means that thoughts generate powerful physical reactions. In this case the physical reaction is the measurable increase of saliva production. This is how thoughts create reality.

Throughout the world more and more people are becoming aware that their thoughts really create reality. A fact that top executives and world class athletes know just as well as modern and ancient medicine. SkyApps make this technology accessible to the broad public.

SkyApps are meant for people who want to utilize this simple and powerful creation principle for their everyday life. SkyApps are meant for you. Whether it be for health, love, success, beauty or simply for a more joyful life.

SkyApps - thoughts create reality!