Forgiving is the final act of love. (Unknown)


How can I overcome what happened? How can I free myself from the chains of the past?

To forgive is one of the most difficult steps in life. But to open the door of forgiving means to open the door of love and freedom.

SkyApp-FORGIVEN is an efficient guide to forgiving. Whatever may have happened in your life, with SkyApp-FORGIVEN you are opening the gates of freedom and joy.

SkyApp-FORGIVEN consists of 12 high-vibrating thoughts. Through daily practice you anchor these thoughts in your heart. From there, your thoughts are radiated into the world with every heart beat at a frequency of 60-120 Hertz. This is how you generate vibrations within your body and, at the same time, the corresponding resonance in the universe - 100,000 times a day.

After 30-60 days, your newly formed mindset moves into the natural flow of your subconscious mind. Now, a new sense of life is born within you. A sense of life that is on the same wavelength as freedom and love.

SkyApps - thoughts create reality!