Science has proven: "thoughts create reality."

Every day the human brain processes 60,000 thoughts. How many of your thoughts are thoughts of joy and how many are thoughts of sorrow?
In crucial areas of life, our thoughts often circle sorrowfully. As a consequence, our thoughts unconsciously create a sorrowful and unhappy reality. And to change your mind is easier said than done.

A turn for the better always depends on a change in mind. By changing your mind, you are changing everything. In other words, a real turn for the better always depends on a fresh and conscious way of thinking.

SkyApps are sets of 12 high-vibrating thoughts. They are dedicated to specific areas of life such as relationship, health, career and beauty. SkyApps serve to organize and to optimize your thoughts and your actions within these areas of life.

SkyApps are mantric thought patterns. They help you to actively shape your thoughts, your feelings, your body and your entire life reality. SkyApps guide you to realize your personnel goals and to create the reality you want.

Applying SkyApps every day is a highly rewarding pleasure. SkyApps are applicable to any personal situation. This makes SkyApps unique in the world!

SkyApps - thoughts create reality!